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A Holistic Practitioner aims to treat all aspects of who you are - the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - in order to balance your energies and encourage feelings of wellness.

The human body consists of many moving parts most of which are involuntary, such as heart rate, digestion, eye-movement, breathing and circulation. All movement creates energy, whether that is generated by the body, mind or emotions.


With everyday life making it hard to switch off, stress and tension are ever present, causing physical, mental and emotional overload.

The following services can greatly improve relaxation, quality of sleep, general health and wellbeing:

Holistic Therapies 

A range of therapies to be used on their own or in combination, dependent on your needs. You can choose to receive your treatment lying fully clothed on a therapy couch or seated on a chair, whichever you prefer.

Sound Therapy

A one-to-one healing treatment focusing on specific areas in the body to untangle energetic ‘knots’. Singing bowls and tuning forks are particularly effective in this treatment, used directly on the body or in the body’s energy field or aura.

Gong Baths

Solo or group sessions where you lie down, close your eyes and let the gongs do their work! A gong is the ultimate sound healing tool, producing a vast range of tones which literally ‘bathe’ you in harmonious vibrations. You feel as if every part of you is gently smoothed down and straightened out, aligning the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of who you are, leaving you feeling renewed, refreshed and re-energised.

Teachings and Workshops

One-to-one learning enables you to control the rate at which you explore new information and allows the subject-matter to be tailored to your requirements  to achieve the outcomes you want.

Workshops, courses and classes provide individuals or groups with a more structured form of experiential learning with the additional benefit of being able to practice on fellow participants. 

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