What is a Gong Bath?

A Gong Bath is an effortless experience of journeying deep into sacred sound, where all you do is lie down, close your eyes and let the gongs bathe you in their deeply healing frequencies.

Therapeutic grade gongs are used together with many other unique instruments to create a soothing and uplifting soundscape, cocooning you in gentle and transformational vibrations which are felt at all levels of being: physically as a profoundly relaxing sensation, mentally as a sweet calming of the mind, emotionally as a balm which allows feelings to settle and rebalance, often culminating in wonderful sensations of bliss…

A Gong Bath will aid all manner of issues: good for aches and pains, healing and self-repair, helpful for bringing mental clarity to enable moving forward with ease and grace, while at the same time aligning you to the beauty and infinity of the cosmos and your own true self.

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