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kay kraty teaching workshop course


All Teachings, whether one-to-one sessions, group workshops, courses or classes, as far as possible always attempt to incorporate your specific wishes to help you achieve the outcome you want.


Please contact me directly for prices.

I aim to keep my charges fair to all and I will adjust for those with limited funds.


All Reiki Courses are taught one-to-one, either in person or on-line.

A detailed course outline for each Level is available on request.

Each course includes a manual and a recognised certificate on completion of each Degree.

Usui Reiki Level One

The Reiki One Degree focuses on self-healing and represents the point of entry to ancient sacred knowledge of human subtle energy fields as well as those of sound and breath.


The Reiki One course expands your understanding of the different levels of being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) through learning to work with Reiki energy, a hand-on healing and relaxation system enabling a significant increase in spiritual development.


The Reiki One course is spread over five 90-minute sessions, providing in-depth knowledge of the elements that make up this Degree and facilitating proper integration of the empowerments.

Usui Reiki Level Two


The Reiki Two Degree is aimed at those who have completed their Reiki One Degree and now wish to be initiated into the Reiki Two energy which qualifies them to practise Reiki on others.

Students usually require between four to five 90-minute sessions to complete the course, depending on whether any catch-up information is required from Reiki One .

Usui Reiki Level Three -

Advanced Reiki Level

Advanced Reiki is usually achievable in four sessions if the student has a good understanding of the previous Reiki Degrees. The Advanced Reiki Level steps up the energy from Reiki Two to deepen the student’s energetic reach, enabling a natural progression to the next level of Reiki.

Usui Reiki Level Three -

Master Practitioner Level

The Master Practitioner level expands the student’s energetic capabilities to bring greater depth and sensitivity to their Reiki Practice and usually requires four or five sessions to complete.

Usui Reiki Level Three -

Master Teacher Level

The Master Teacher Level empowers the student to teach and initiate others into the various Usui Reiki Degrees. The number of sessions required for this Level depend on the student’s ripeness and aptitude.

kay kraty teaching workshop course

Workshops and Courses 

Introductory Gong Playing Course

For groups or individuals wanting to learn the basic do’s and don’ts of gong playing, mallet techniques, gong care, and how sound affects the human body. Groups are kept to a maximum of six people to enable plenty of experiential learning, with ample opportunity to play a variety of therapeutic grade gongs.

Spiritual Philosophy / Psychology  (Spiritual Coaching)

The wisdom of Eastern Philosophy brought into present-day life to enable a better understanding of how we ‘tick’, thereby deepening our understanding of and interactions with others. An invaluable tool for maintaining inner calm and peace in a turbulent world, helpful in the workplace and at home.

Crystal Consciousness

For individuals or groups who wish to learn more about crystals, including the ones they own, in order to develop their connection to these beautiful beings. From the basic do’s and don’ts of cleansing, gridding, activating and charging, to the more advanced practices of how to use crystals as massage tools, scrying implements, crystal skull communicators and energetic portals.

Sound Healing Course for Therapists

An experiential course aimed at those who already practice as therapists and wish to use sound as an additional healing tool. The course spans three separate half-days and covers the basic do’s and don’ts of Sound Healing, ensuring that you can be confident in what you offer. Course contents can be tailored to include any instruments you own, to ensure proficiency and safety when using your instruments on your clients.


Numbers are everywhere. Dates, phone numbers, pin numbers, house number, insurance numbers… some are brief companions, others are with you for life.  When you understand the information encoded in numbers a fascinating new world opens up. No maths required, just the ability to count from 1 to 9. 


The interactive Numerology Course is taught one-to-one or in small groups.

Numerology Readings are given face-to-face by appointment, please contact for details.

Meditation Class

A simple Eastern practice using the senses to encourage the mind to move into ‘mind-less-ness’ or ‘no-thinking’. By connecting to the senses all thought effortlessly falls away, bringing about sustained inner peace while ensuring greater clarity of thought when that is called for.

Rock Reading Workshop

One of the shamanic practices for groups or individuals to help sharpen awareness, attention, intuition and connectivity with all that is. ‘Shaman’ means ‘intermediary between spirit and the natural world’. The one-day Rock Reading course acts as a gentle entry point to help expand your consciousness and understanding of the many messages concealed within the interactions of everyday life. 

Find out more about one-to-one treatments by visiting the Therapies page

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