kay kraty crystal healing treatment therapy


Holistic therapies may be used safely alongside conventional medicine, but do check with your doctor first if you are receiving medical treatment for a current condition.

The therapies listed below are given as one-to-one treatments.


Please contact me directly for prices.

I aim to keep my charges fair to all and I will adjust for those with limited funds.

Sound Healing

Instruments placed on and around the body help ease energetic ‘knots’ through the process of entrainment, where differing vibrations in your body are brought into alignment through being exposed to healing frequencies from musical instruments. The supremely healing vibrations emanating from gongs, singing bowls, bells, chimes and other unique instruments reduce stress, relieve pain and bring about profound relaxation and feelings of bliss.


A gentle yet powerful hands-on healing treatment for deep relaxation, with comforting warmth cocooning the recipient to encourage physical and emotional wellbeing. You can choose between a full-body treatment, or one that focuses on specific areas of the body. There is also the option to include the energy of Reiki Drum in your treatment, which introduces the Reiki energy into your energy field or aura, helping to rebalance the chakras and benefitting blood pressure and cortisol levels in the body

Crystal Alignment

Using the precise vibrations inherent in crystals to align and balance the body’s subtle energy centres, helping the body to heal or ‘whole’ itself.

If you wish to bring your own crystals they can be added to create a healing grid and in the process give you a better understanding of how to use these healing tools to best effect.

Mapping your Symbology

Unpicking the symbolic meaning of events, dreams and unexplained feelings to help you understand how they may be linked and what they may be trying to communicate. Information gleaned from your numerology may be added to clarify any recurring imbalances experienced in your life or relationships, creating a map of understanding and a recognition of the importance of intuitive and subconscious communication. You become more confident in your ability to recognise synchronicities and to trust the insights they deliver, reducing confusion and fear. In mapping your symbology you make sense of yourself.

Life Symbols ©

Using the energies of shape, colour, number and sound sound to bypass the conscious mind and link  directly with the subconscious, allowing you safely and quickly to let go of long-standing issues without the need to experience associated emotions. The past has a huge influence on current reactions and behaviours. By neutralising old fears and hurts you can tap into a more balanced state of being, which raises your levels of confidence and self esteem and enables a better connection to spirit.

Shamanic Healing Drum

A simple yet profound way to bring peace to old disturbances and answers to unresolved questions. This treatment encourages a real gaining of confidence in your own ability to find and heal long-standing issues, which is hugely empowering. No need to own a drum and no drum playing experience required. 

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